The firm came to existence in 1997 and has since been located close to the public garden Hofgarten in the centre of Düsseldorf. In 2003, the firm moved offices to Couvenstrasse in view of the historical castle Schloss Jägerhof. At that time Philipp Kessler joined the firm, which operates under Gummert & Kessler Steuerberater since 2006.

The primary field of service is payroll accounting, financial accounting, and the preparation of the annual financial statements along with the corresponding annual tax returns for all lines of business and legal entities. In addition to this, the firm is well-experienced in the planning of company succession, execution- of wills and procedural law. Philipp Kessler is well-trained in the field of data management and aids our clients in the planning of individual software solutions suited to their needs. Due to Heinke Gummert’s long-term working experience for one of the “Big 4” companies, another core activity is international tax law.

The firm consists of two partners and nine highly qualified employees. Due to our size, we are able to fullfil the needs of our clients quickly, flexible and effi-ciently. We use a highly developed network of excellent lawyers, tax advisors and auditors in Germany and abroad. A rather small overhead results in a very efficient cost structure and thus, to reasonable fees for our clients.